Monday, October 30, 2006

A [Proposed] Political Platform for Unity '08

Billy Rojas just proposed a 21-page Political Platform for Unity '08, which is being discussed on the Centroids mailing list. While I'm sure everyone will find things to disagree with (I know I did :-), it is am impressively comprehensive approach to what he sees are the key challenges facing America. Can you do better?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Unity stalks the Radical Center

Elrod makes a good case that 2006 marks the Revenge of the Independents, as well as perhaps the larger point that purely partisan politics is both sterile and self-defeating. Intriguingly, he also picks up on E. J. Dionne's observations about the "mad-as-hell" radical center -- an alternate interpretation of our favorite phrase, which we've already dissected on Centroids.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

An Alternate, Libertarian-leaning Cabinet for Unity '08

Not to be outdone, Centroid David R. Block responds with his own pragmatic yet Libertarian-leaning Unity '08 Cabinet, with a ticket headed by:

* President: Mike Huckabee
* Vice-President: Joe Lieberman

I can only hope that the "real" Unity '08 candidates are as forth-coming and fore-sightful with regards to their actual cabinet choices!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Proposed Ticket & Cabinet for Unity '08

While Unity '08 focuses virtually all of its attention on the Presidential ticket, Billy Rojas goes one step further by proposing a comprehensive Unity '08 Cabinet and Staff. While some names are well-known (e.g, Guliani and Stephanopoulos), others are more obscure (at least to me), and some are for entirely new posts (e.g., Mark Satin for Internet Communication). Still, knowing Billy I'm sure there's a solid rationale for each position, and I would hope at least a few of the Unity '08 candidates give it a long, hard look.

Update: Billy has kindly posted a brief justification for each candidate.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Shaping an "American Agenda" by asking the right questions

It their recent update, it is nice to hear that Unity '08 has actually been hard at work tackling the tough issues, especially the challenge of articulating a coherent agenda:

Taking into account the very helpful suggestions and debate that you have conducted here on the web site, we have designed an innovative and powerful way to approach the issues. We call it the American Agenda. By polling, the delegates and public will determine the crucial issues confronting the country. We will present on the website a panoply of expert opinions on each crucial issue, spanning the full spectrum of responsible solutions. Through discussion, debate and polling, the delegates will settle on the questions that the candidates should answer relating to each issue. Unity08’s American Agenda will be the questions; the candidate’s answers will represent his/her American Agenda and platform. We think it takes the silly party platform process of the two parties and stands it on its head. We would be surprised if the media doesn’t take the Unity08 American Agenda of questions and present them forcefully to all candidates, regardless of party.

I commend them for taking responsibility to ask the right questions, rather than trying to force an artificial consensus about the answers. Polling isn't a perfect solution, but (if they frame it well) is probably the optimal one, so I wish them luck.