Friday, March 30, 2007

Unity08 Rules!

It is great to see Unity08 has finally posted their draft rules, and opened them up for public comment. Key items of note:
Unity08 encourages the “drafting” of candidates

Prospective Candidates may qualify as Candidates for the Unity08 Presidential Nomination by having, in each of ten different states, 2,500 registered voters in each of those states (a total of 25,000 registered voters) electronically sign up on the Unity08 website to support the Prospective Candidate AND by having, in each of five different states, 500 registered voters in each of those states (a total of 2,500 registered voters) sign a “hard copy” petition to support the Prospective Candidate.

All pretty reasonable. However, I was very disappointed by:
Each Delegate will have one vote to cast electronically for the Candidate of his or her choice.

Why? With potentially dozens of Potential Candidates, the gamesmanship for voting (do I vote for my favorite, or my second-favorite if they've got a better chance?) is going to be insane. We need some form of ranked-choice voting, or at least Approval Voting, to make sense of it all.

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Matt said...

Well said. I emailed them with the blunt message that they were sure to fail if they chose plurality voting. A noble cause with a fatal flaw and therefore no real point in participating.