Friday, December 01, 2006

Is the Middle just for Moderates?

While I appreciate the sentiment behind Unity08's list of Top 10 Reasons Why the Moderate Middle Matters, I had to cringe at their choice of tone:

  1. Moderates are the only ones with the desire to find common ground.

For one thing, those of us in the radical middle absolutely want to find common ground, we just approach it differently. More importantly, though, I believe there many people who consider themselves good liberals or conservates who also care about finding common ground. While I appreciate the need to stake out a rationale for existence, claiming to be sole possessors of a particular good seems, well, immoderate. :-)A better choice, IMHO, would've been something like:

  1. Moderates are totally committed to finding common ground.

That is, why not focus on what's good about your side instead of (implicitly) dissing others? I realize I may be making a mountain out of molehill, but this sort of talk feels inappropriate for an organization that is committed to promoting civility. I'd urge them to the extra mile to ensure they communicate in an inclusive and welcoming manner -- so that they retain the moral authority to lecture others!

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