Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Law & Order & Good Government

I gotta admit, I'm usually dismissive of celebrity endorsements, but as a big fan of Jack McCoy I was tickled to see Sam Waterson shilling for Unity08. To be sure, I didn't find his pitch enormously persuasive (even though I mostly agree with him :-), but I'm still glad he was willing to put his image on the line for what he believes.

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James Cook said...

I am trying to get Unity08 to answer 12 factual questions regarding the financial transparency that the organization has publicly committed itself to.

My questions are on the Unity08 shoutbox board at http://www.unity08.com/node/584

... but I cannot seem to get anyone at Unity08 to answer them.

Could you help me out by visiting the questions page and giving a "thumbs up" to them so that the questions remain visible until they are answered?


Jim Cook
Irregular Times